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Risk Map Service
your one-stop solution for hazard management

Hogazai is a location-based service providing hands-on information about the natural hazards.
This unique service is developed based on comprehensive studies and on government open data,
and we provide reliable Risk Analysis Report to our customers.

To deal with mounting climate change and catastrophe risk,
each one should have their own solutions of risk transfer in mind.

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Integration of comprehensive data sources
Integrate multi-disciplinary and reliable data sources about natural hazards from government open data.
Professional data interpretation
Collaborate with scientists and engineers from TADPI (Taiwan Association of Disaster Prevention Industry) for analysis of catastrophe risk.
Unbiased and verified results
Risk analysis is conducted based on theoretical background and the results are validated with catalogue of historical events and actual claim reports from insurance industries.
In line with open standard
Information service is developed based on standard protocol (eg. open architecture, open standard, and open tool).
Risk analysis report
Professional and intuitive risk analysis report for your house, your factory, and suggestion of risk transfer solutions.
  • Collect and enhance government open data for industrial applications

  • Analyze hazard factors and their contributions for the risk potentail

  • High-resolution grids indicating risk potential for earthquake, soil liquefaction, flood, lanslide, and debris flow, etc

  • Reliable and easy-to-use risk analysis report for your personal belongings

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   Risk Analysis Report      Sample File

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   Service Introduction & Operation Steps

Hogazai risk maps
- verified with catalogue of natural catastrophe and actual loss data from insurance industries.

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Location-based and customized service

Cloud service- flexible and cost-effective

Provide data warehouse solutions for business integration of Hogazai service

Development of information service portal

Customized data service

Consultant and training services

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